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Alec Zeck | Co-host
Executive Director of Health Freedom for Humanity & Co-founder of The Way Forward
» Connect with Alec

Josh del Sol | Co-host
Co-creator of Re:Union Summit, The 5G Summit and Take Back Your Power
» Connect with Josh

Jason Shurka
Founder, Academy of Divine Knowledge
» Connect with Jason

Xavier Dagba
Trauma informed transformational life coach
» Connect with Xavier

Aaron Abke
Spiritual teacher
» Connect with Aaron

Dr. Stanton Hom
Awakened dad & husband, prenatal / pediatric chiropractor / healer
» Connect with Stanton

Brandon Bozarth
Facilitator of miracles
» Connect with Brandon

Gil Yedidia
Spiritual visionary & innovator of the new era
» Connect with Gil

Juan Pablo Heredia
Multidisciplinary mystic & soul reading facilitator
» Connect with Juan Pablo

Matt Belair
Podcast host of Master Mind, Body, and Spirit & life purpose coach
» Connect with Matt

Andrew Genovese
Breathwork facilitator / galactic ambassador
» Connect with Andrew

Garret Kramer
Non-duality coach and self-exploration mentor
» Connect with Garret


Join the YouTube Live Chat here, or post Comments below!



Join the YouTube Live Chat here, or post Comments below.